Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA) 

Oct - Dec 2018

Third Year Group Project

In investment banking, financial analysts must manually read through many articles in order to give informed advice on investment opportunities. Working in a group of 6 in contact with the Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) team, created a system to extract and store the sentiment of subjects of interest from financial articles, increasing the productivity of analysts by giving them quick and easy access to a rich database of information.


Jun 2018

WebApps Group Project

Unbalanced diets are a major problem in the UK and learning about proper nutrition can be a daunting task for someone wanting to make a change. In a group of four, created a meal planning web application with a focus accurate nutritional statistics and meal plan sharing between knowledgeable and less knowledgeable people. Those less knowledgeable can thus easily find meal plans which match government recommended guidelines or their own custom goals, helping them on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.


Jan - Mar 2018

Operating Systems Group Project

Starting from a barebones skeleton, built a fully functional CLI operating system in a group of four, in conjunction with the Operating Systems module at university.


Oct - Dec 2017

Compilers Group Project

Created a compiler for WACC, a simple language with C/ALGOL 68-like syntax, in a group of four. WACC programs were input, translating the source code into ARM11 assembly instructions.

Queen’s Tower Climb 

Jun 2017

C Group Project Extension

Produced a game for the Raspberry Pi in a group of four and taking input from an NES controller, based on the traversal of the tiles of a randomly generated map to find the unique Hamiltonian path.

ARM11 Emulator and Assembler 

Jun 2017

C Group Project

In a group of four wrote an emulator, taking binary instructions and changing the simulated registers and memory accordingly, and an assembler, taking assembly instructions and translating them into binary, for the ARM11 architecture.